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Students from Tsinghua University High School Won 1 Gold and 3 Silvers in the Chinese Mathematical Olympiad Winter Camp

Dec 27,2021

On December 25, the 2021 Chinese Mathematical Olympiad and the 37th National Secondary School Students Mathematics Winter Camp ended at the High School Affiliated to Fujian Normal University. Students from Tsinghua University High School got excellent results in the contest: Lu Yuan from Class 10, Grade 11 won the gold medal and was selected into the national training team, Zhang Shaobo and Du Zonghang from Class 11, Grade 11 and Zheng Mingyao from Class 10, Grade 12 won the silver medals.

Group photo of Zhou Jun (the first on the right), the mathematical contest coach of Tsinghua University High School, and the four award-winning students.


 Group photo of award-winning students from Tsinghua University High School



The Chinese Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) sponsored by the Chinese Mathematical Society is the highest-level, largest-scale and most influential mathematics contest for secondary school students in China. The CMO contest is held in full accordance with the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), with 3 questions per day and 21 points per question. All 6 questions with a full score of 126 points should be completed within 4.5 hours, and all of these difficult questions have strict requirements on skill. Each year, the top 60 CMO players will form the Chinese national training team for the IMO that year.


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