Ma Yuehan Athlete Class

Ma Yuehan Athlete Class of Tsinghua University, abbreviated as Ma's Class, is named after Ma Yuehan, a pioneer in physical education and modern Chinese sports, former director of Physical Education in Tsinghua University. Founded in 1986, Ma's Class was approved to enroll students from across China since 1988. Ma Yuehan Athlete Class is jointly run by Tsinghua University and Tsinghua University High School, targeting at middle school students who have potential in sports. Currently there are programs in athletics, basketball and shooting, but over the three decades of its history, there were also diving, swimming, chess, fencing, volleyball and other sports.

The goal of the Ma Yuehan Athlete Class is to explore a new way for training young athletes of high levels and with cultural cultivated manners, thus providing high level sports teams in colleges and universities with outstanding students. Since its establishment, Ma's class has gone through 30 years of ups and downs, adhering to the sports spirit of Mr. Ma, sticking to the school management concept of "centering on educating the students, highlighting the individuality of students, developing the talents and potential of the students," providing ample room for personality development of the gifted students and forming the "one-stop" schooling characteristic of junior high school, senior high school and university. In the aspect of cultivating outstanding sports reserve talents, relying on the brand-name effect of Tsinghua University and the resources of excellent coaches, it has worked out a successful way to adapt to and promote the continuous development of the competitive sports in Tsinghua University High School. The students in Ma's class take the course learning, sports training and the study of ideological qualities learning as their main tasks to systematically and fully receive the comprehensive education of the school, on the basis of which exerting their athletic potential. Today, Ma's class has become a fertile ground for outstanding reserve athletes, which has cultivated a number of Olympic athletes such as He Zi, Shi Tingmao, Zhou Lvxin, Li Pei Jing, Li Xiangyu and Wang Yu, and also 12 excellent plays for the China Basketball Association , including Zhong Cheng and Hualin.

Since its foundation, Ma Yuehan Athlete Class has trained 546 excellent young athletes for Tsinghua University and other colleges and universities, among whom 67 have completed their master's degree, two have completed their doctor's degree, and 127 received the "Golden Sail Award" and "Silver Sail Award" of Beijing. The departments of Junior High and Senior High have altogether trained 6 international level of athletes, 28 master of sports and 225 national level of athletes.

Introduction of Track and Field Teams

The Track and field team of Tsinghua University High School, a distinguished team with a history of more than 30 years, has witnessed the growth of many outstanding athletes in this field. One of the students, Zuo Mingwang, won the first champion of international competitions in Men's Discus Throw in the Pan Pacific Middle School Games in 1992. As a representative of middle school students, Li Guangming became the champion of Men's 800m in National Athletics Championships in 2000, which marked a glorious beginning for middle school students to win in the highest level of national sports competitions. In 2009, Shi Xuewei, a representative of Chinese middle school students who later became champion of Women's Shot Put in the 14th World Middle School Games, is the first international champion in Ma's Class. Wang Ying and four other athletes from Ma's class made their debut in the 2001 International Middle School Athletics Championships, and won 4 champions respectively in their individual events. Student Li Xiangyu, who championed the men's 800m in more than six major sports events such as the National Games and "Good luck Beijing" China Athletics Open, participated in the 2008 Olympics on behalf of China. Wang Yu, who graduated from Ma's Class in 2012, won the High Jump champion in the 12th-Games of People's Republic of China and participated in the 2016 Olympic Games. Athletes from Tsinghua University High School have won a number of champions in many athletics events in Beijing, and the Track and Field team has frequently taken the lead in team total score in the National Middle Schools Athletics Championships, and has taken part in the International Middle School Athletics Championships for many times on behalf of China, each time with great achievements.

Introduction of the Basketball Team

The basketball program of Ma Yuehan Athlete Class has begun to enroll new students since 1992 and established its official status in 1999, with its young athletes achieving several remarkable goals in Beijing, national and worldwide basketball games. With a team spirit of perseverance, diligence, hard-working and pursuing excellence, the basketball program values scientific selecting of talents and daily training and keeps making progress, fully displaying the motto "Self-Discipline and Social Commitment" of Tsinghua University. The team members are highly motivated, actively participating in sports events and winning many awards, with which they collectively demonstrate the essence of Tsinghua spirit.

Among all athletes, the men's basketball team won the champion of the World Middle Schools Basketball Championships, the World middle schools Three-to-three Basketball Championships, in the China High-school Basketball League (CHBL) for ten consecutive games, and in the National Middle School Games for three consecutive games. The women's team also achieves many outstanding awards, such as the champion of World Middle Schools Three-to-three Basketball Championships, the 5th Asian Youth Games, the China High-school Basketball League (CHBL) for three consecutive games, and the National Middle School Games.

Behind such glorious achievements was the continuous pursuit of not only sports skills, but also higher requirement of moral cultivation and academic performance of the young basketball players. The team in Ma's class has altogether trained 60 excellent players for Tsinghua University and Peking University, providing 12 talents such as Zhong Cheng for China Basketball Association (CBA), opening a new chapter for the basketball cause in youth, and making a significant boost to the development of basketball program in China.

Introduction of Shooting Team

Since 2000, Tsinghua University High School has started to recruit shooting athletes according to the requirements of Tsinghua University shooting team. The objectives and goals of the team are to cultivate multi-faceted athletes in China who are capable of winning a medal in world's three contests (the Olympic Games, the World Cup and the World Championship) and to explore a combined training mode for high-level athletes. Our team has invited Wang Yifu and Zhang Qiuping, who are national team coaches, to train our students and we have witnessed a large number of outstanding athletes. Our outstanding athletes include Sun Xin, the first international player from Ma's Class; Liu Tianyou, who won a gold medal in the 2006 Doha Asian Games; Gao Tingjie, the first gold medal winner in Youth Olympic Games, and other gifted members such as Li Peijing, who participated in the 10m Air Rifle of the London Olympics on behalf of China.

Introduction of Diving Team

Founded on January 22, 1998, the diving team of Tsinghua University High School since then has begun to recruit young divers and train them as all-rounded athletes not only in sports, but also in morality and academic development. Upholding the spirit of "balance of physique and mind, in pursuit of excellence", the team members are dedicated to their daily training, keep challenging and improving themselves, hard-working and cooperating well with others. A great many players have excelled in their games, among whom He Zi won two gold medals and one silver medal in synchronized 3-metre springboard diving in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, and won the 3-metre springboard diving in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. Shi Tingmao won two gold medals in the 2016 Olympic Games for 3-metre springboard diving and synchronized 3-metre springboard diving, and she also championed the latter event in the 2016 International FINA Diving World Cup. Zhou Lvxin ranked the second in men's 10-metre platform in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and champion of the Diving World Cup in men's 10-metre platform. Li Chengwei won the 5th Asian Championships in men's 10-metre platform and later in 1997 he won the 10th "Mexico diving world cup" in 10-metre platform, men's team championship and mixed team championship.

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