TUHS Student Union is an independently-run student mass organization led by CPC TUHS Committee and guided by TUHS Youth League Committee. Adhering to the principle of "self-service, self-management and self-education", TUHS Student Union works hard and forges ahead with determination, making active contribution to creating a campus culture of "learning extensively and practicing earnestly".

TUHS Student Union aims to create high standard campus culture and cultivate future leaders. Sticking to the concepts of "innovation, inheritance, service and leadership", it has created a warm and brilliant cultural environment and organized a series of brand student activities. Through "Set Sail Your Dream via Small Good Deeds" voluntary project competition, voluntary teaching as well as other voluntary activities, TUHS students learn the essence of sacrifice and how to be grateful. Other activities like TUHS Basketball Match, Football match, Table-tennis Match, Singing Competition, Mingzhe Debate Competition and Who's Still Standing Quiz Show provide students with a platform to show their talents and characters. Student Festival is another important place where students can practice critical thinking, innovate and apply what they have learned. TUHS Student Union is made up of Presidium, Department of Sports, Department of Students' Life, Department of Academic Studies, Department of External Affairs, Department of Culture and Entertainment, and Department of Student Clubs.

Under the leadership of Presidium members, Department of Sports is responsible for organizing basketball matches, badminton matches and other sports activities; Department of Students' Life is in charge of voluntary work and charity projects; Department of Academic Studies is responsible for students' self-governing classes, Mingzhe Debate Competition and etc.; Department of External Affairs' duty is to get in touch with other schools and foreign students, promoting TUHS and various activities co-organized with other schools. Department of Culture and Entertainment specializes in holding cultural entertaining activities such as Centennial Anniversary of TUHS, New Year Gala, School Singing Competition and school annual anniversary celebrations. Department of Student Clubs' work is to provide assistance for clubs in recruitment and registration and make sure that all the activities are held in an orderly way. It also organizes and coordinates large interclub activities.

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