With the support of school and active participation of students, TUHS student clubs have become an important base for the improvement of TUHS students' comprehensive qualities and their future developments. Currently, there are more than 30 student clubs, including Zijing Basketball Club, Qingqi Charity Club, Model United Nations Club and many others, which have greatly enriched students' extracurricular life and have become an essential part of student activities.

Altogether there are 25 clubs registered in the junior division, which can be divided into several categories such as art and culture, sports, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences and voluntary service. Ten clubs fall into the category of arts and culture, including Micro-Movie Club, Wind Band, Pop Music Band, Classical Music Club, Board Game Creative Club etc. There are two sports clubs and five natural science clubs, namely Natural Science Study Club, Military Model Club, Science and Fantasy Club, Astronomy Club and Geography Club. Six clubs belong to humanities and social science category. They are Tea Drinking Club, Psychology Club, Chinese Painting Club, Calligraphy Club, Library Science Club, and Unbelievable History Club. The rest two are of voluntary service nature: Animal Protection Club and Library Voluntary Service Club.

Lingfeijing Calligraphy Club members, led by Ms. Wang Junting, visited Tsinghua University Art Museum during the weekend. Lingfeijing Calligraphy Club is the first of its kind initiated completely by students with the aim to "cultivate temperament and make friends through calligraphy". Its members can be found in every grade of junior high. With the guidance and help of Ms. Wang Junting, the club follows the principle of "learning from ancient people and applying what is learned to practice" and set up Hard Pen Calligraphy Practice optional course, attracting 40 students to signing up.

Science and Fantasy Club members can construct buildings freely in Minecraft. Their buildings will be examined before the end of every club activity so that the club can have a basic understanding of their members' Minecraft building skills. Now the club has begun to write a story that happens in the future and has decided to make it into a micro-movie. The setting will be constructed using Minecraft. Leaders of the club have been quite skilled in using Minecraft and have started to construct the basic part of the official buildings, i.e. the Central Tower/Central Station.

Micro-Movie Club was founded in November, 2011 and is a club of unique features. Unlike other clubs, Micro-Movie Club has a clear division of labor: directors, editors, cameramen, film editing technicians, stage managers, propmen as well as actors and actresses. The club manages to offer a wide range of positions without creating chaos because everyone is united for one common goal "make good micro-movies". Here, everyone can make good use of their talents and specialties. Everyone understands and supports each other, making the club a big and warm family. There are 62 clubs registered in the senior division, involving art and culture, sports, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences and voluntary service. There are Lesser-known Languages Club, Geography Club, Basketball Club, Badminton Club, Study Energy Supplement Club, Seal Carving Club, Tong Ren Club, Qingqi Charity Club, Ancient Chinese Club, Chinese Classics Club, Psychology Club, JA Economy Club, Model United Nations Club, Reasoning Club, Speech and Debate Club, Women's Football Club, Puffer Men's Football Club, JLB Football Club, Zijing Basketball Club, Origin Skateboard Club, Table Tennis Club, Rugby Club, Board Game Culture Studies Club, Original Novel Club, Drama Club, Movie Club, Photography Club, Vigorous Dancing Club, Electric Vocal Music Team, Ancient Music Club, Volunteers Association, High School Mixed Choir, Internet Literature Club, Biological Experiment Club, Ecc English Club, "Who Is the Murderer" Logical Reasoning Club, Badminton Team, 800 Meters Run Mutual Support Group, Sparkle Musical Play Club, TH Synthesize Music Club, DIY Club, RC Model Club, 8 Fingers Model Club, Astronomy Club, Support Club, Weiqi Club, Totoro Meeting, Advanced Project Research Lab, RB Maker, Start-up Space, IT Club, Tissue Culture Club, Yundao Transport Club, MAD CREATE and Student Firm.

Psychology Club originally was a club initiated by students with the aim to help students have a happier and warmer high school life. Over the past decade, the Club has gradually grown from a public service club into a big organization that provides introduction to professional knowledge and campus services. We always bear in mind the tenet of the Club: to improve ourselves and help others.

Photography Club has organized a wide range of activities including photo shooting in TUHS, Tsinghua University and Yuanmingyuan Park. During the shootings, students were laughing and talking. Groups of three and four gathered together, sharing with each other shooting experience and composition skills. Geography Club was founded in 2015. Young as it is, it has organized a number of meaningful activities over the past two years. Whether you are an art student or a science student, as long as you have wonderful traveling experiences, you can stand on the stage and share them with everybody else. Here you can experience new and unique folk cultures worldwide and get unexpected travelling tips. You can also learn every detail of the school summer and winter social investigation trips and have the opportunities to go out of the campus and truly experience Beijing culture.

Model United Nations Club was officially established in 2007. But in 2005, TUHS students had already started practicing Model United Nations. Now, the club is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary. TUHS MUN Club members actively participate in regional, national and international meetings, which has made contributions to regional MUN development. They won Best Journalist and Best Speech in Fudan University International Model United Nations Conference, Best Academic Preparation in Peking University National Model United Nations Conference for High School Students, four Outstanding Delegates, two Honorable Mentions, one Best Media in BJMUN conferences and held the position of chairman or worked in the organizing committees in multiple important conferences.

Astronomy Club goes back to 1984 and was one of the earliest astronomy clubs in Beijing high schools. Over the past three decades, the club has organized a variety of observation activities both on and outside campus, given classes on astronomical theories and continuously communicated with other middle school and primary school astronomy clubs nationwide. The aim of the Club is to provide a platform for learning and exchange for students with similar interests in astronomy. Meanwhile, since astronomy involves observation, the club hopes to familiarize its members with professional astronomical facilities so that during their observations, they can learn knowledge about celestial bodies and appreciate the beauty of the starry sky.

800 Meters Run Mutual Support Club was founded in November, 2016. Club activities include long-distance running and fitness exercises. Long-distance running usually consists of 5-7 laps of jogging around the track collectively, sometimes several laps of accelerative running or varied pace running. Fitness exercises include mat work such as planks and sit-ups to help members improve health and shape bodies as well as games to practice their physical coordination.

JA Economy Club was set up in 2013 and has organized many activities including open day with Citi Bank, interschool business competition, school business and economics lectures and sales of creative products. It managed to facilitate school's decision to hold internal business competition. It aims to take full advantage of JA China and seeks future cooperation with more corporates and external coaches.

Wind Music Club, founded in November, 2016, aims for music learning and musical exchange. All activities are held at the demands of the members who are given the opportunities to present and share any meaningful musical knowledge and understandings of music that they acquire through any possible channel.

Women's Football Club was once interviewed by Beijing Television. They once played against Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management Team and Beijing No.4 Middle School International School Team.

Qingqi Charity Club whose tenet is "Committed to Charity work and Grateful towards life" aims to provide a platform where students can learn more about, participate in and be committed to charity work and promote the spirit of public involvement. Members of the Club have made several visits to Beijing Songtang Care Hospital, voluntarily cleaned invalid posters around the campus and organized charity bazaars and galleries for autistic children.

With a history of one year, ECC English club has actively participated in school presentations, held English reading salons (The Great Gatsby, The Kite Runner, The Outsider) as well as many other activities concerning American history, religion, English poetry, English online courses, English impromptu performance and speech and English movies.

Zhonger Club, founded in October, 2016, consists of two groups: illustration group and dancing group. Besides creating illustrations and practicing dancing, the Club also plans to organize internal dancing competitions to enrich their members' extracurricular activities.

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