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Shen Junhao from Tsinghua University High School Wins a Silver Medal in Chinese Chemistry Olympiad

Jan 10,2022

In November 2021, with the final of the 35th Chinese Chemistry Olympiad coming to an end, Shen Junhao from Tsinghua University High School Senior Class 1911 won a silver medal in the competition as a member of the Beijing delegation. In the preliminary round, five students from Tsinghua University High School named Shen Junhao, Tian Xinyang, He Ziyuan, Huang Siqiao and Wang Yanlu won the provincial first prize, among whom Shen Junhao took the second spot for Beijing.

Shen Junhao of Tsinghua University High School Class 1911 (left) and his coach Mr. Dong Duo (right)

National Chemistry Competition and Winter Camp is the highest level of chemistry competition for high school students in China, which is in line with the International Chemistry Olympiad, also called "National Chemistry Games".

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