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A Visit to the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution of the Students from Junior-High Classes of 2021, Tsinghua University High School

Oct 22,2021

On the afternoon of October 21, 2021, all the students from junior-high classes of 2021, Tsinghua University High School, visited the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution.


After arriving at the Military Museum by bus, the students sang the Chinese national anthem and solemnly vowed to the national flag in an orderly manner: "I love every ray of sunshine of my motherland, I love every piece of her land, and I am determined to become a qualified socialist builder and successor, so as to make her more prosperous and powerful!"



All the students are singing the Chinese national anthem.


Then, the students of each class followed their docents to visit and study in each exhibition hall.

Various visiting routes

The students are learning the revolutionary deeds and spirit of their predecessors

Visiting the army aviation exhibition hall

Visiting the weapon display area


During the study tour, the students had a deep reflection about the questions raised by their docent, actively interacted with the docent, focused on filling in the task manual, and shared with their schoolmates what they thought during the visit.


Students filling in the task manual carefully


After the study tour, each class took a group photo and bid farewell to the docents. The study tour to the Military Museum was successfully concluded.


Group photos of some classes



After returning to the school, the students created a series of cultural designs, posters, and literary and artistic works with themes such as glorious traditions, major wars, and heroes of the people, and showed their feelings on the tour in their own way.


Cultural creative design


Literary and artistic works



Writer: Li Lan, Li Bingqing

Photographer: Junior-high Group 2021

Revised by: Dang Shengjun, Zhang Biao, Yang Rui

Proofreaders: Zhao Ran, Chu Luxing


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