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Teachers and Students Went to Schule Schloss Salem for Interschool Exchange in the Winter Vacation

Feb 04,2019

From January 25th to February 4th, 2019, 12 students from the first grade of Tsinghua University High School had an exchange study at Schule Schloss Salem for 10 days, under the leadership of teacher Liu Wei and Wang Min.

With partners from Schule Schloss Salem at the welcome dinner

Teachers and students of Tsinghua University High School viewed and attended the courses in the middle and senior departments of Schule Schloss Salem. They experienced different types of courses such as natural sciences, geographical environment, experimental courses, community services, etc. Some students completed small paper on "artificial intelligence" and "era of big data " in the English final exam. Besides, a teacher at Schule Schloss Salem, Yasmin, gave an introduction class of German language to the students in a pleasant way. Students learned the basic greetings of German. The student representative of Tsinghua University High School, Du Heng delivered a speech about Tsinghua University High School’s campus environment, curriculum setting, student clubs, sports venues and so much more at the school gathering, which won the warm applause of all the audience. Furthermore, 12 students spent significant weekends respectively with their host families.

Study at Schule Schloss Salem

Experienced Community Service Course

In addition to the class study, teachers and students visited many local places of interest. At the Pile Dwelling Museum, they learned about the living conditions and state of life of the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. At the Birnau Church, they were fascinated by the wonderful Baroque art. In the Meersburg Castle, they had a deeper understanding of the medieval castle's architectural history, style characteristics, etc. The quiet and comfortable town Konstanz, the industrial city Stuttgart, the prosperous Zurich, all of these constituted an all-round understanding of Europe for the students.

Visiting the Pile Dwelling Museum

Experiencing the Swiss style

At the end of the exchange activity, Schule Schloss Salem hosted a farewell dinner for the teachers and students of Tsinghua University High School. The principal of Schule Schloss Salem personally attended and spoke highly of the teachers and students of Tsinghua University High School. Then the student representative of Tsinghua University High School, Zhou Hongyu, gave a speech on the theme of “Parity and Disparity”. He summed up the gain and inspiration of these ten days from the aspects of student feature and classroom atmosphere. The sincere and humorous speech stroke a chord with everyone.

Student representative Zhou Hongyu spoke at the farewell dinner

Group photo of farewell dinner

Located on the shores of Lake Baden in southern Germany, Schule Schloss Salem was founded in 1920 and is the largest and best-educated secondary school in Germany. It was a rewarding trip both for teachers and students, through which they have increased their knowledge, learned about the local culture and customs, and formed a deep friendship with the students of Schule Schloss Salem. The German teachers and students will pay a return visit to Tsinghua University High School in October 2019.

Text: Liu Wei, Wang Min

Photography: Liu Wei, Wang Min

Review:Zhang Jie, Yang Rui, Dang Shengjun

Proofread: Chu Luxing

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