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Teachers and Students Went to Hong Kong St. Paul’s Co-educational College for Interschool Exchange in the Winter Vacation

Feb 03,2019

From Jan 28thto Feb 3rd, 2019, with the guidance of teacher Zhao Yanbo, seven students from junior high grade one and grade two went to Hong Kong St. Paul’s Co-educational College for interschool exchange.

Teacher Zhao Yanbo (the first one on the right) and students of Tsinghua University High School in front of Hong Kong Museum of History

During the exchange, students of Tsinghua University High School enthusiastically joined in classes, which deepened the understanding of education of Hong Kong and helped them better comprehend the similarities and differences between mainland and Hong Kong in terms of culture background, scenery and custom as well as ways of thinking.

One of the exchange students said “the journey to Hong Kong amazes me with their leisure attitude towards study. It makes me realize that besides struggling in endless books, there is another way to learn. One can ‘put full heart into studies, while turning a deaf ear to anything else’, but may also ‘after reading I ride with pleasure, with a sword around anywhere I wander’. We should put aside books for some time and seek knowledge through practice and activities. ”

Teacher and students of Tsinghua University High School also visited many tourist sites such as Golden Bauhinia Square, Tsim Sha Tsui History Museum and Science Museum, and Victoria Harbour, which refreshed the impression of the city and custom of Hong Kong.

Sheng Jiakai with her partner Wu Zhiwei

Wang Zihui and members of homestay family

The exchange program not only enhanced educational communication and cooperation between schools of mainland and Hong Kong, but also got us prepared for cultivating high-quality students with international horizon and competence.

St. Paul’s Co-educational College was founded in 1915, the same year thatTsinghua University High Schoolwas founded. The motto of St. Paul’s Co-educational College is “Faith, Hope, Love”. In 2004, St. Paul’s Co-educational College signed friendly protocol with Tsinghua University High School that there will be exchange visit each year to consolidate academic and cultural communication between two schools.

Text:Yang Yilin

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