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Tsinghua University High School’s Graduation Ceremony for Junior-High Classes of 2018

Jun 11,2021

In the afternoon of June 11th, the 2021 graduation ceremony for Junior-High Classes of 2018 of Tsinghua University High School was held in the lecture hall.

THUHS’s Junior-High Classes of 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Host of Ceremonies

The National Anthem

Wang Dianjun, Principal of THUHS, delivers his speech.

Wang Dianjun, Principal of THUHS, presents the graduation certificates to students.

Teachers and students intently watch the ceremony’s video broadcast.

Teachers and students recite Unforgettable Blue School Uniform.

Junior-high grade-three students present gifts to the school.

Teachers and students sing THUHS’s school song.

Students presents flowers to teachers.

Teachers and students watch welcome videos.

Each class takes a group photo with the Junior-High Class of 1811.

Writer: Wei Yuanyuan

Photographer: C18 Grade Group

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Proofreaders: Dieu-Anh Nguyen, Ran Zhao, Luxing Chu

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