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Tsinghua University High School Students Participated in the "Remembering History and Heroes" Memorial Activities for Martyrs

Apr 04,2021

On the morning of April 4th, Tsinghua University held the "Remembering History and Heroes" memorial activities for martyrs in front of the memorial of "Children of China, Heroes of Tsinghua". Under the guidance of Ren Xingyang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, 18 students from Tsinghua University High School took part in the activity in memory of the martyrs. The students went up the steps, presented flowers, stepped back and bowed three times.

The students are standing solemnly with white chrysanthemum

The students are presenting flowers to martyrs

The students are watching the display board of martyrs' deeds

The ceremony began with the solemn national song and one-minute silent tribute. Then the doctoral team of Tsinghua University gave a "micro Party class" for the teachers and students present. With the summary by Chen Xu, Secretary of the CPC Tsinghua University Committee, the memorial activity came to an end.

Pan Yiwen from junior-high class 1916 is giving a short lecture in front of the "3·18" broken stele

Xiang Yanlin from junior-high class 1910 is giving a short lecture to the students of Tsinghua University High School and Tsinghua University Primary School in front of the statue of Zhu Ziqing

Huang Jialin from senior-high class 2007 is introducing Wen Yiduo's revolutionary deeds

Yu Xinran from senior-high class 2013 is making a short lecture in front of the place where Ji Yuxiu's ashes put

Students are listening to Tsinghua University doctoral team telling the historical story of the founding of "Sanyuan", the "first branch of the Communist Party of China" in Tsinghua University

Group photo

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