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Sun Xiaojia

Jan 02,2018

Sun Xiaojia, a mathematics teacher of special grade, was awarded the title in 1998. She was born in March, 1961. "Educating people and imparting knowledge are equally important, students should be taken as your own children", during 35 years of the teaching career, Sun Xiaojia is the mother of all her students in this period. Love, a creation of culture, has abundant meaning. Sun Xiaojia believes the key to teachers' love for their students is a sense of responsibility. Teachers should take the responsibility always and forever, and without distinction. It is easy to love a student or an outstanding student, but it's difficult to love all students or a student with special characteristic and it's as difficult to love them all the time. Teachers need to be tolerant like the ocean. They should have insight into students' psychological changes and communicate with them. A few words are enough to construct or to destroy a country, a few words can also make a great people or to ruin a child's life, thus, we as teachers should be modest and prudent.

Love is responsibility and expectation. Since education takes a long procedure, teachers should be able to see its perdurability and the hysteretic nature of its effect. We should learn to wait, "Give expectation and space to students, and they will let us harvest joy inadvertently."

Love, wisdom and perseverance resemble perpetual motion to an extent, they need time and space to grow. As a teacher, it is such a joyful thing in life to gain love and respect from students. Sun Xiaojia said, "I'll repeat my trivial things with love, wisdom and perseverance, pass on the light of love to children silently, and expect the harvest of love in return."

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