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Ding Guangcheng

Jan 02,2018

Ding Guangcheng, a physics teacher of special grade, was awarded the title in 1997. He was born in September, 1961. He is a member of the Communist Party of China from Xiangyang in Hubei province. Since July, 1981, he started to work on education. He has been awarded as Provincial Outstanding Teacher. Plus, he has worked as a part-time educational researcher on Junior high school Physics in Haidian District, member of Science textbooks evaluation experts' group in Beijing, part-time Physics teaching consultant in Education Development and Research Centre of Chinese Society of Education.

He regards Physics Teaching as both science and art. His over 300 open classes inside and outside the province have been highly spoken of and appreciated by the experts. Several teaching papers of him have been published by national leveled professional journals or have won national prizes. He has edited Physics preparatory course textbooks for Ministry of Education's Mainland Tibet and Xinjiang High School Class. A number of his teaching and research achievements have won national and provincial first and second prizes. He has instructed over 30 students to win prizes in national and provincial junior high school physics competitions. "Practice makes perfect and perseverance matters" is his motto.

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