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Jan 02,2018

GuoYushan, Han Chinese, a mathematics teacher of special grade, was awarded the title in 1997. He was born in August, 1957. He is a member of the Communist Party of China from Jiutai in Jilin province. He was the head of mathematics teaching and research group and now he is the current Principal Assistant of Tsinghua University High School.

He has his own way in teaching, working as a class adviser and counseling the competitions. His students are of strong capability with high scores and perform well in competitions. His class has been evaluated as municipal leveled All-around Class. He was awarded as Academic Leader of National Primary and Secondary School Young Teachers, Academic Leader of Jilin Primary and Secondary School Young Teachers, Jilin Outstanding Teacher, and Jilin Outstanding Class Advisor. He has won the first prize in Jilin High School Mathematics Teachers High Quality Class Competition. He has worked as a director of Jilin Young Teachers Association, a director of Jilin Middle School Mathematics Professional Committee, an external master's instructor for Master of Education in Department of Mathematics of Northeast Normal University. He has published several papers and articles on instructional guidance.

The young teachers, who have been instructed by Mr. Guo, have won the first prizes in National Lesson Competition and the first prizes in Ten Best Lessons Competition among high school mathematics young teachers in the three northeast provinces of China.

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