Our Teachers

Jul 23,2021

Tsinghua University High School (TUHS) has a team of high quality teachers.

In the history of TUHS, many well-known scholars and experts once held a position and taught here, including scientist Zhou Peiyuan, philosopher Feng Youlan, PE educator Ma Yuehan, mathematician Ding Shisun and Chinese language educator Zhang Xiong.

Over the years, TUHS has made it a system to invite prestigious professors and scholars of Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences to lecture and guide students' extracurricular activities. Currently, a number of Tsinghua University professors, including Guan Zhi (Math), Zhang Sanhui (Physics), Xu Gonghua (Chemistry), Wu Wenhua (Computer Science) have become regular teachers for our high school Science Experimental Class and Ma Yuehan Athlete Class.

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