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Yin Fenyu

Jan 02,2018

Yin Fenyu, a member of the Communist Party of China, was awarded mathematics teacher of special grade in 1998. She was born in May, 1963. She is the current Principal Assistant of Tsinghua University High School and director of Teaching Management and Research Centre in Tsinghua University High School.

During the past years, she has been teaching high school mathematics and has been working on her own teaching characteristic of "Emotion Teaching Method". She educated many academically outstanding senior high school students and was respected and trusted by the students along with their parents. She was elected as a first-batch national key teacher in 2000. One of her research topic, The Organic Combination of Teachers' Guidance and Students' Independent Exploration, was accepted by the experts and awarded "Cross-century Gardener Project -- Primary and Secondary Key Teachers' National Training Certificate" by Ministry of Education.

Yin Fenyu was awarded as Beijing Advanced Worker, Beijing Outstanding Teacher, Beijing Zijin Cup Outstanding Class Adviser, Tsinghua University Advanced Worker, Pacesetter of Teacher of Haidian District, 26th Harbin Model Worker, Harbin Ten Best Model Pacesetters of Professional Ethics. She is a member of Harbin Youth Federation and a Party representative of the 8th Harbin Congress of Party Representatives.

She has participated in compiling several evaluative reports for college entrance examinations, the national leveled scientific research "A Study on the Teaching Methods of Middle School Mathematics" and the research "Beijing Ordinary High School Independent Curriculum Experimental Project". Besides, some of her papers have been published on national, provincial and city leveled journals.

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