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Cheng Huiyun

Jan 02,2018

Cheng Huiyun, an English teacher of special grade, was awarded the title in 2000. She was born in March, 1961 and graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in 1985.

She has been teaching high school English, devoting herself to the "Construction and Practice of Eco-English Learning Environment" and practicing the commitment of "Teaching is the dialogue of life" silently. She has educated excellent high school graduates for over ten years and has been trusted by students and their parents. She has led the English teachers of Tsinghua University High School to finish several different leveled educational research projects. She has also participated in compiling Academic English for General Purposes, which is directed by Tsinghua University. This textbook is compiled for the prerequisite course in universities in China. She has published a number of papers on national core journals and some books. She has participated in compiling the Test Explanation for Beijing Education Examinations Authority, recording the CD-ROM courses of high school English textbooks (Beijing Normal University edition) for Beijing Normal University Publishing Group and online courses of high school English textbooks (PEP edition) for People's Education Press.

She was awarded as Haidian District Outstanding Part-time Educational Researcher, Haidian District Moral Education Star, and Tsinghua University Outstanding Teacher. She won the Outstanding Achievement Award in Outstanding Teachers' Workstation in Haidian District. She is the current head of English teaching and research group of Tsinghua University High School, the leader of academic group in Outstanding Teachers' Workstation in Haidian District, and the instructor of Beijing Outstanding Teacher Project.

Address:North of Tsinghua University,  Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing

email: qhfz@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn

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