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Tsinghua University High School Bauhinia Basketball Club Wins One Gold and Two Silver Medals in Beijing International Youth Basketball League

In the autumn and winter of this academic year, three representative teams from the Bauhinia Basketball Club of Tsinghua University High School competed in the autumn league of Beijing International Youth Basketball League (BIYB) for the first time. It took two months for the students to win the U14-group B champion, the U14-group A runner up, and the HS high school group B runner up, bringing in one gold and two silver medals.
Wonderful Moments

The original intention of Bauhinia Basketball Club is to provide professional training in school for students who love basketball, strive for the opportunity of match, and arrange the optimal after-school training period to save the time cost of students to the greatest extent. In the two years since its establishment, the club has attracted hundreds of students, making it the largest club in Tsinghua University High School.
This semester, the Bauhinia Basketball Club participated in the long-term match, Beijing International Youth Basketball League, for the first time. The new club team fought bravely on the basketball court, showing the competitive spirit of never giving up and rule consciousness.

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