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The 17th Revolutionary History Short Drama Performance of Tsinghua University High School in Commemoration of the "December 9th Movement" Is Successfully Concluded

On the afternoon of December 11th, the patriotic education activity and 17th revolutionary history short drama performance in commemoration of the "December 9th Movement" of senior grade 1 was held in the lecture hall of Tsinghua University High School. Xu Wenbing, Vice Principal of the school, Yin Fenyu, Director of Teaching Management and Research Center, Wang Tian, Director of Student Development Center, Zeng Jianchuan, Group Leader of Senior Grade 1, and Ren Xingyang, Secretary of Youth League Committee, attended the performance as guests. Chen Yuanyuan, Leader of the Chinese Teaching staff of Senior Grade 1, Wang Jinfeng from the Music Teaching and Research Group, Tong Jie from the History Teaching and Research Group, Li Xiaoqing, Assistant of Senior Grade 1, and Gong Bochen, who entered the school in 2015 and is now studying in the Director Department of Beijing Film Academy, served as the judges.

The hosts
More than 700 teachers and students of senior grade 1 participated in the event. With the theme of "recalling the past, cherishing the present, expelling the darkness and pursuing the light", the dramas of 16 classes were divided into 4 parts: National Awakening, National Spirit, National Strength Improvement and National Unity. The performance was hosted by senior grade 1 students Tao Hongyu, Chen Yihan, Bi Chenxi and He Siyuan.
Part one: National Awakening

Anger, senior class 2004

The Eve, senior class 2005

Out, senior class 2011

Lugouqiao Incident of July 7th, senior class 2009

Beiping, Oh, Beiping, senior class 2003
Part two: National Spirit

Iron man Wang Jinxi, senior class 2008

Autumnal Winds and Rains, senior class 2002

Striving for the Development of China, senior class 2007

Red Crag, senior class 2012
Part three: National Strength Improvement

Flying Tigers, senior class 2015

Rebirth, senior class 2010

Change, senior class 2006

Ticket, senior class 2014
Part four: National Unity

For…, senior class 2013


The Massive Wenchuan Earthquake, senior class 2016

We, senior class 2017
Through the drama creation and performance, it condensed the youth positive energy of the young students.
Writers: G20 Hu Xiaoran, Chen Youyang, G19 Duan Sizhe
Photographers: Xu Huanchang, Shuai Wei
Reviewers: Dang Shengjun, Li Shuxia, Ren Xingyang, Yang Rui
Proofreaders: Zhao Ran, Chu Luxing, Gao Hongchao
Editor: Administrative Management Center