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Tsinghua University High School and Berkeley Preparatory School Held an Inter School Online Communication Program

From October 8th, Tsinghua University High School and Berkeley Preparatory School, its sister school in the U.S., have conducted an eight-week online communication project. 26 senior high school students from Tsinghua University High School and 26 American students learning Chinese from Berkeley Preparatory School participated in this project in the form of one-to-one online learning partners.
Affected by the epidemic, the communication was conducted through online meetings. Each student was required to communicate with his/her partner online for one hour every week. During the meeting, the students communicated with their partners in their mother tongue by turns. In this way, they could help each other improve their language skills.

G200616 Lu Ke’an and Jarah Williams; G200423 Shen Yuchen and Makayla Doyle

G200209 Ma Zhaoyifei and Lila Bo Williams; G200925 Wang Yike and David DeCoursy

G200729 Wu Xinran and Aoife Shannon
On November 22nd, the students from two schools had the last online communication. During this period, the Chinese students not only learned the real campus life, curriculum arrangement and after-school activities of American high schools through their American friends, but also promoted the culture and characteristics of Tsinghua University High School to them. Some American students even visit the campus of Tsinghua University High School through mobile phones. This is a meaningful cultural communication experience for all students.

Student feedback: 
I felt honored to have an opportunity to make a foreign friend with Jarah as a Chinese cultural messenger. 
We have met many difficulties during the exchange program. The most frustrating one is the time difference between China and the US. The time is usually either very early for one or late for the other, so it was rather hard for both of us to be on time each time. However, patience helped us overcome the problem and we were tolerant, doing our best to wait for each other.
In a word, I will definitely treasure the friendship I gained and the experience I had was unforgettable. I’m very grateful for Jarah to take her time to communicate with me. I hope we will keep in touch and have a better future in our own fields.
- G200616 Lu Ke’an
Writers: Zhao Ran, Lu Ke’an
Photographers: Lu Ke’an, Shen Yuchen, Ma Zhaoyifei, Wang Yike, Wu Xinran
Reviewers: Zhang Jie, Dang Shengjun, Yang Rui
Proofreaders: Zhao Ran, Chu Luxing, Gao Hongchao
Editor: Administrative Management Center