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Tsinghua University High School Team Wins the 10th World Mathematics Team Championship

The 10th World Mathematics Team Championship (WMTC) was inaugurated in Seoul, South Korea on November 30th. China sent two teams to participate in the intermediate-level and advanced-level competitions respectively. The intermediate-level team, which consists of six junior school students enrolled in 2018 of Tsinghua University High School led by Zhang Qin, the teacher of the school, achieves the best result of all previous competitions. The team members are Chen Xiaoyang, Chen Yongpeng, Li Ruoyu, Liu Siyuan, Shang Anrui and Xin Zonghao. 

Group photo before departure at Beijing Capital International Airport

In the competition, students displayed indomitable spirit of effective teamwork and pressing ahead. Finally, after two rounds of individual competitions, three rounds of relay competitions and one round of team competition, the Chinese team wins the team championship with full marks and wins the relay competition with absolute advantage! In the individual competition, Xin Zonghao, Chen Xiaoyang, Liu Siyuan, Shang Anrui and Li Ruoyu win the gold medals and Chen Yongpeng wins the silver medal.

The moment of individual competitions

The moment of team competitions

Xin Zonghao is in the PK competition

Accepting the award

The emblem and the medal

WMTC is an international mathematics competition for the students from primary and secondary school. The competition emphasizes the spirit of teamwork, which requires the competitors not only to give full play to their talent, but also to communicate and cooperate with their team members. It is not only an international platform for students from all over the world to exchange valuable experiences for mathematics learning and make friends, but also offers a golden opportunity for mathematics educators from various countries to learn from each other and make progress together.

Group photo of all members of China intermediate-level team
(From left to right: Mr. Zhang Qin, Liu Siyuan, Chen Xiaoyang, Chen Yongpeng, Li Ruoyu, Xin Zonghao, Shang Anrui)

 Writer: Zhang Qin
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