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Tsinghua University High School Students Achieves Success in the USAP

From May 14th to 20th, the 2019 USAP National Finals were held in Nashville, USA. Under the guidance of the coach, Ms. Fan Wanqing, the team of 8 junior one students from Tsinghua University High School competed with the other 40 teams from China and the United States.
After an intense competition, the Tsinghua University High School team wins 6 gold, 2 silver, and 11 bronze medals, and takes the first place in the Super Quiz. The team's total score ranks third among the teams from China, and ninth among all the participating teams. Wang Zihui wins the gold medal in the individual score ranking for winning 4 gold and 2 bronze medals. Xiao Huiwen and Wang Yuqi win 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals respectively. Yang Fengyuan and Jiang Ziyou win 2 bronze medals respectively. Huang Guanzhi and Wang Kaiming win a bronze medal respectively.
The Tsinghua University High School team’s total score ranks third among the teams from China under the guidance of Ms. Fan Wanqing (the fourth on the left)
Members of Tsinghua University High School team from left: Xiao Huiwen from C1813, Wang Yuqi from C1807, Jiang Ziyou from C1814, Wang Zihui from C1814, Yang Fengyuan from C1813, Chen Weijia from C1812, Huang Guanzhi from C1814 and Wang Kaiming from C1812

Tsinghua University High School has participated in USAP competition for two consecutive years and both achieved good results. From February 11th to 14th, 2019, in 2019 USAP China Competition held in Chengdu, the team led by Ms. Li Bingqing and Zhou Cun successfully got into the finals in the USA after a fierce competition.
Since USAP became an optional course last September, with the support of the school and the hard work from the teachers of English Teaching and Research Group, the members of the school’s USAP team worked hard. The students made the best use of their spare time to prepare for the competition while completing the schoolwork in 10 months, presenting an excellent team spirit. Under the circumstance of a tired trip to U.S., the students achieved good results with the spirit demonstrating the spirit of Tsinghua University High School—daring to fight, determined to win”. 
Huang Guanzhi in the competition

Tsinghua University High School team takes the first place in the Super Quiz

The joy of victory

Wang Zihui wins the gold medal in the individual score ranking

David Mikkalson, the Chairman of USAP Committee, takes the group photo with Tsinghua University High School team

Awarding ceremony of Objective Test science project for individuals

Daring to fight, determined to win
USAP is a traditional event for American high school students, which is divided into Objective Tests and Super Quiz. Objective Tests include five academic tests in literature, art, science, mathematics, and social sciences. While in Super Quiz, two team members take part in the game as three teams, namely, the varsity team, the scholastic team and the honor team. Each team is supposed to answer 10 questions, and each question given 10 seconds. The competition adopts a team competition style, students can fully realize their potential in five different academic fields, experience the challenges and cultivate teamwork spirit with members through various forms of the competition projects.
Writers: Fan Wanqing, Wang Yuqi, Yang Fengyuan
Photographers: Fan Wanqing, the USPA committee
Reviewers: Dang Shengjun, Huang Limei, Zhu Ying, Yang Rui
Translator: Jiang Yuwei
Proofreaders: Zhao Ran, Chu Luxing, Gao Hongchao
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