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Tsinghua University High School Students Achieves Success in the 39th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition

From March 23rd to 26th, 2019, the final evaluation of the 39th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition was held successfully in the Yanxi Lake campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was jointly sponsored by Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, and People's Government of Beijing Huairou District.
Lin Yan from Class 15, Grade 10; Xu Daihan from Class 6, Grade 11; Li Xinyi from Class 13, Grade 11; Zuo Yiwei from Class 3, Grade 8; and Zhao Yunqi from Class 8, Grade 8 achieved great success of four First Prizes and one Second Prize in the evaluation, under the guidance of Xie Yuankai, the teacher of the Science and Technology Office.
Group photo before the competition

Lin Yan is presenting the project Solid-state Flexible Fast Rechargeable Battery

Xu Daihan is presenting the project Research on Overexpression of cobRNST gene Increases E. coli Stress Tolerance to Cobalt Ions

Li Xinyi is presenting the project Research on how Artificial Microbial Community Increases Efficiency of Polyethylene Plastic Degradation

Zuo Yiwei is presenting the project Prediction Method and Software for Formaldehyde Concentration and Attenuation in Interior Decoration

Zhao Yunqi is presenting the project Arduino-based Education Aided Robot for Autistic Children

Students are taking the group photo at the award ceremony
This year’s contest is based on the theme of “Discovery, Innovation and Responsibility”. 20 teams from 17 countries and regions compete with Beijing players for 4 days in different subjects which include Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, etc. The competition includes the opening ceremony, enclosed defense and evaluation, public display and exchange, international exchange exhibition activities of Makers, popular science report meeting, Chinese and foreign teachers’ forum, evaluation and exchange of talents plan, innovation experience, and award activities and others.

Some teams from Tsinghua University High School also won awards in the early reevaluation of the competition in Beijing area. In the end Tsinghua University High School won four First Prizes, five Second Prizes and three Third Prizes in the 39th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition.

Addendum: Awards won by Tsinghua University High School in the 39th Beijing Youth Science and Technology Creation Competition

Text and Photography: Xie Yuankai, Shen Dashan
Review: Tan Hongzheng, Wang Tian, Bai Xuefeng
Translate: Yang Yilin
Proofread: Zhao Ran, Chu Luxing, Gao Hongchao
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