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Tsinghua University High School Organizes a Mourning Event to Honor Martyrs on Tomb Sweeping Day 2020

The flag flying at half-mast
Today, all of China is mourning martyrs who died in the fight against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak and compatriots who died of the disease, giving them the highest tribute.

Teachers who observed three minutes of silence

Students who observed three minutes of silence
At the call of the Party Committee of school, teachers of Tsinghua University High School who stayed at home participated in the mourning event.

Feelings expressed by partial teachers
At the call of the Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) Committee of school, students of Tsinghua University High School mourned martyrs and compatriots who died in many ways, aspiring to become youth in the new era with a high sense of responsibility.
Through use of chinamartyrs.gov.cn or the “Mourning Martyrs on the Tomb Sweeping Day” feature on the official website of the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, students sent flower baskets, learned about the stories of the martyrs and held the tomb-sweeping and other memorial activities in memory of martyrs and compatriots who died.

Mourning martyrs on online platforms

 “Online Class Meeting” to mourn martyrs
Tabloids were created in memory of martyrs.

Present heroic stories on tabloids

Poems and essays were created.


Present heroic stories in literary forms
The students of Tsinghua University High School created works based on their own expertise or interest, to extend their respect and gratitude to heroes who fought against COVID-19. Only by doing this can heroism pass down from generation to generation!
Writers: Jiang Qi, Ren Xingyang, Yang Rui
Photographers: CCYL Committee, Students and Teachers of Tsinghua University High School
Revisers: Fang Yan, Bai Xuefeng, Zhang Jie, Dang Shengjun
Proofreaders: Zhao Ran, Gao Hongchao, Chu Luxing
Editor: Administrative Management Center