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The Pioneering Party Members’ Stories--I am a Party Member With Great Responsibilities in Face of COVID-19

During the period of the epidemic response, the grade heads hold several positions simultaneously in order to build an important online bridge for the school, the students and their parents, making their own contributions to fighting COVID-19 as teachers. The Pioneering Party Members’ Stories in Tsinghua University High School reports the grade heads who work hard from day to night and remain true to their original aspirations by offering online classes to students in the face of the merciless COVID-19.
I. With the mission on the shoulder, my original aspiration is as firm as a rock--Zhou Jianjun
If you are well, it will be sunny.
According to Mr. Zhou Jianjun, the grade has stared the work on fighting COVID-19 since Wuhan went into lockdown on Jan. 23rd. Roughly speaking, the teachers have been working for over 40 days without taking a slightly longer break. “The teachers are a very special group in our time. While people are complaining about the 996 work schedule or working seven days per week from 7:00 am in the morning to the midnight, the teachers are on call all day with no weekends.” , said Mr. Zhou.

Mr. Zhou Jianjun
II. My faith, as tenacious as the pines, is devoted to my students--Li Jinsong
The families of Mr. Li Jinsong live in Wuhan, the epicenter of COVID-19. Only when finishing his everyday work can he spare time to call his families and tell them he is safe.

Mr. Li Jinsong
Working as a teacher for 15 years, Mr. Li not only studies hard in his own discipline, but also takes the responsibilities to share his accumulated knowledge and experience with students and young teachers. As the coordinator of the 11th grade, he is in charge of the education and teaching coordination work of 15 classes. Faced with various challenges, he said, “I will always do a good job both online and offline.”
III. Working with wisdom, sincerity and unity--Xiong Xueqin
Learning new skills
Ms. Xiong is not only responsible for collecting and reporting the students’ health conditions, completing online teaching tasks during the suspension period, but also helping students and their parents to adapt to the pace of life and learning online. She has been learning new skills by teaching. “At the beginning, I felt anxious and even at a loss. It was my leaders and colleagues who instructed me, and I really appreciate their help.”

Ms. Xiong Xueqin
In order to solve the problems of communication between teachers, parents, and students, she organized the class meeting and parent-teacher conference themed Safety, Optimism, Mutual Assistance and Observation & Gratitude. “The teachers’ dedication gives the parents and students reassurance that the quality and content of teaching are guaranteed, although they cannot return to school for the time being.”
IV. Teachers’ love and benevolence in face of COVID-19 --Zhang Biao
Due to working from home, it is normal for teachers to make use of every bit of time to do their work. “I always record the micro lectures in the quiet late evening, in case my noisy kids affect the quality of the recordings in the daytime. If there is a school or grade meeting in the daytime, sometimes I join the conference call with using my mobile data in the car.”

Mr. Zhang Biao
Shortly before the interview, Mr. Zhang finished the recording in the program of Online Classroom in China Beijing Television Station, in order to share the high-quality instructing course for reading and review of famous literature works with the students in Beijing and even the whole country who will take the senior high school entrance examination. He remains calm in face of such intensive work. “This is what a Party member and a teacher should do at this special time.”, said Mr. Zhang.
With the sincerity and benevolence towards education and students, the teachers respond confidently to the sudden epidemic.
Writer: Chu Luxing
Photographers: Interviewees
Revisers: Fang Yan, Zhang Jie, Dang Shengjun
Proofreaders: Zhao Ran, Chu Luxing, Gao Hongchao
Editor: Administrative Management Center