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Shui Mu Lectures: Junior One of Tsinghua University High School Held a Lecture of Ritual Study

On the afternoon of 14th March, Junior One of Tsinghua University High School held a lecture of ritual study in the auditorium. Professor Peng Lin, one of the first batch of Senior Professors of Tsinghua University, Ph.D. Supervisor in Department of History, and Dean of Chinese Academy of Confucian Classics, presented a theme lecture “Why Do We Pursue General Education of Ritual and Morality”. More than 580 people attended this lecture, including Vice Principal of Tsinghua University High School Xu Wenbing, Director of Students Development Center Huang Limei, Vice Director Wang Tian, leader teacher of Junior One Zhang Biao, teachers in charge of classes, and students of Junior One. The lecture was hosted by Vice Director Wang Tian.

Vice Director Wang Tian is hosting the lecture
Starting with comparison between cores of Chinese and Western culture, Professor Peng Lin interpreted the essence and importance of the core of Chinese culture “ritual”. During the interaction section, Professor Peng demonstrated noble demeanor through his behaviors and expressions. He pointed out the phenomena where rituals are missing, emphasized the importance of personality and patriotism education, and encouraged students to become noble ones with an upright body and soul. In the end, Professor Peng patiently answered students’ questions and analyzed the dialectical relationship between obeying rituals and being free, which won students’ warm applause.

Professor Peng Lin is presenting the lecture
Interaction and demonstration between students and Professor Peng
Students are asking questions actively
Teachers and students are listening to the lecture carefully
Through this lecture, students have a deeper understanding of “ritual”. It also provides guidance for students to learn, understand and obey the rituals in their daily lives during the interaction and self-examination, which promotes the development of etiquette culture on campus.

Text: Yi Na
Photography: Nie Wenting
Review: Zhang Biao, Dang Shengjun, Yang Rui
Translate: Yang Yilin
Proofread: Zhao Ran, Chu Luxing, Gao Hongchao
Edit: Administrative Management Center
Source: Junior One