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15 THSI Junior Students Taking Part in the Berkeley Mini Math Tournament

The Berkeley Mini Math Tournament was held successfully on the 5th of January 2019. All the 520 competitors were from 44 schools in China. During the holidays, 15 THSI students from Grades 6 to 9 participated in the Berkeley Mini Mathematics Tournament.  The tournament is a high-level math competition for middle school students and it challenges the competitors in a variety of mathematical topics and skills.

All the students participated in four rounds, one was Individual Round, and the others were team rounds (Team Speed Round, Team Round and Team Puzzle Round). They took the same exam and the same rules were applied as in the US. The final ranking was nationwide. Finally, THSI students achieved great results from the tournament. And THSI also won some awards for the organization/coaching.

Students in the competition

Our students spent months preparing for the competition while in the Math Competition Club. Teams from all over China competed, and the tasks were difficult. The group-based tournament emphasized on the flexible use of mathematical thinking and teamwork, not only examining the mathematical knowledge and teamwork, but also inspiring the students to appreciate the beauty of mathematics. THSI students took the challenge and enjoyed themselves throughout the process with their positive attitude towards adversity and kept on trying their best.

Students preparing for the competition

THSI middle school math team will continue to expand students' academic knowledge, establish a more complete academic system, help students improve their mathematical ability as much as possible, and build a more rigorous and excellent competition team.

Text and Photo:Channa Phillip
Review:Li Boyan, Yang Rui, Dang Shengjun
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