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Tsinghua University High School held English Drama Competition for Senior Two

On the afternoon of 21st December 2018, English Drama Competition for Senior Two kicked off in the auditorium of Tsinghua University High School. The judges were: Wang Yingmin, the special-grade English teacher, former vice principal of Tsinghua International School and former leader of English Teaching and Researching Group; Jiang Yuwei, the Senior One English teacher; Zhang Han, Liu Menghan, Wang Jing, Yan Kun, Fang Yimeng, and Li Weiyan, graduates from Beijing Normal University. More than 600 people attended this activity, including all Senior Two English teachers and students as well as some parents.

The competition consisted of two phases. In the advertising phase, all classes delicately made special drama posters, which were vivid and admirable. In the final competition, every class presented a ten-minute performance, either adapted from classical dramas or with originality.

Opening ceremony

“Little Prince” from Class One dramatically presented the innocence of children and profound thoughts of the original work. The delicate performance of Ma Yuehan Athlete Class earned big applause from the audience. Class Eleven adapted O. Henry’s short story “The Cop and the Anthem”. Their incisive and vivid performance successfully presented the social background and the tangled heart of the hero Soapy. Class Nine, with skillful expression, presented “Necklace” of Maupassant. “Skyjack” from Class Eight showed the close relation between siblings. What added to their excellence was that the script was almost original. Class Thirteen presented the famous drama “The Twelfth Night”, by which they paid their respect to Shakespeare. Although the drama of Class Six had the same name as that of Class Nine—“Necklace”, the same as that of Class Nine, they expressed their unique understanding, which evoked the audience’s enthusiasm. Keen on famous works, Class Twelve presented “Les Miserables”. Every move and every word represented their distinct understanding. Another short story of O. Henry, “Retrieved Reformation” was adapted by Class Ten, whose performance aroused students’ interest in famous works. Class Two followed the trend, bringing the famous episode “A Scandal in Bohemia” of “Sherlock Holmes” to the stage by playing the versed role. Though named “Ruby Necklace”, drama from Class Seven was totally different from the “Necklace” of Class Six and Class Nine. With well-prepared props and decent performance, they served the audience with a wonderful tragicomedy. The only musical was “Hamilton” from Class Three. Their description of Alexander Hamilton, the founding father of America made the audience drowned in enjoyment. The scene and stage design of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth” from Class Fourteen was amazing. It seemed that nothing was more popular when compared with Shakespeare’s plays. “Hamlet” from Class Four was another strong evidence. “The Truman Show” of Class Fifteen kept the audience thinking “Are we audience? Or are we one of the roles?”. The final competition ended with the wonderful performance from Class Five, “Macbeth”.

Not only dramas but also songs were performed on the shining stage. Excellent singers impressed the audience with classic songs, pop songs, rap songs etc., bringing the competition to climax.

Later on, the teacher Wang Yingmin thumbed up to students’ elaborate preparation and spectacular performances. Based on years of teaching and drama-directing experience, he made convincing comments on drama performances and came up with some useful suggestions. He hoped that students could take advantage of this competition to practice oral English. He also hoped that students could work harder on English and try to be an outstanding student of Tsinghua University High School.

The teacher Wang Yingmin making comments

There were altogether 13 awards for the competition. After breathtaking performances, Class Three and Class Twelve won the grand awards.

Award ceremony

English drama competition is one of school’s traditional activities as well as an important component of English drama course. The competition aims to cultivate students’ ability to comprehensively use English, raise students’ interest in learning English, enrich students’ leisure time and provide a wonderful stage for students who are talented in spoken English, performance, script writing or any other abilities. It makes English learning more popular among students. Through holding a competition, we create a better atmosphere for English learning and develop various talents of  students, which lays a solid foundation for students’ long-term integrated development.

Class One “Little Prince”

Class Eleven “The Cop and the Anthem”

Class Nine “Necklace”

Class Eight “Skyjack”

Class Thirteen “The Twelfth Night”

Class Six “Necklace”

Class Twelve “Les Miserables”

Class Ten “Retrieved Reformation”

Class Two “A Scandal in Bohemia”

Class Seven “Ruby Necklace”

Class Three “Hamilton”

Class Fourteen “Macbeth”

Class four “Hamlet”

Class Fifteen “The Truman Show”

Class Five “Macbeth”

All awards:
BEST DIRECTOR: Class Three, Class Twelve


BEST SCRIPWRITER: Class Three Class Twelve

BEST COSTUME: Class Twelve

BEST POST: Class Two, Class Nine, Class Twelve, Class Fifteen

BEST ACTOR: Hao Minlei from Class Three, Yang Yilong from Class Eleven, Yu Shangyuan from Class Twelve

BEST ACTRESS: Zhang Anqi from Class One, Guo Yitong from Class Eight, Ji Xi from Class Two

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Luan Kaiqi from Class Three, Lan Shuhan from Class Five, Li Zhongda from Class Seven

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Liu Yi from Class Two, Shangguan Xinyu from Class Five, Li Yunmeng from Class Nine

GRAND AWARD: Class Twelve “Les Miserables” , Class Three “Hamilton”

FIRST AWARD: Class Five “Macbeth”, Class Four “Hamlet”, Class Seven “Ruby Necklace”

SECOND AWARD: Class Eleven “The Cop and the Anthem”, Class Ten “Retrieved Reformation”, Class Two “A Scandal in Bohemia”, Class Fourteen “Macbeth”

THIRD AWARD: Class Fifteen “The Truman Show”, Class Eight “Skyjack”, Class Six “Necklace”, Class Nine “Necklace”, Class One “Little Prince”, Class Thirteen “The Twelfth Night”

Text:Yang Yilin
Photo:Xie Huiyan, Wang Xinyu, Tai Bei, Pei Xinyi
Review:Bai Xuefeng, Yang Rui, Dang Shengjun
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
Edit: Administrative Management Center