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Action Time to Express Gratitude was held in THSI Secondary

In order to cultivate students’ sense of appreciation of others and knowing how to express gratitude,THSI Secondary designed November Advisories with “Appreciation” and “Gratitude” as the topics. November 28th was our last advisory of November. On that day, we prepared our first school community service for kids to take part in.

Students were assigned to do not only cleaners’ work but also guards’ work.  These chances of role playing helped our students learn the contributions of different school occupations.

Staff on campus devote themselves to creating safe and clean learning environment for our students. By doing this kind of school service, we hope that our students could understand the idea that to appreciate and respect others is important. Moreover, appreciation needs being expressed out. Next time when a student is dumping trash, he or she will suddenly realize this behavior will create more work for the cleaners. And when they find strangers must hold visitor cards to enter the campus, they will figure out this is well-done by the school guards to keep the campus safe.

In the future, THSI will involve more and more students in community service, since the school is aimed to raise a whole kid with not only academic excellence but also social and emotional health. By standing in other people’s shoes, doing something for others in community service, students will start to make contributions to society.

Text: Wang Bo
Photo: Wang Xu
Review: Wu Jin, Yang Rui, Dang Shengjun
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
Edit: Administrative Management Center