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The Teacher-parent One-on-one Conference Was Held in THSI Secondary

On November 9, 2018, Secondary School of THSI held a teacher-parent one-on-one conference, which provided parents with the opportunity to communicate with each subject teacher in person. In the early morning, the campus gave a warm welcome to nearly 300 parents.

What distinguished this conference from the past was that, 18 students volunteered to serve as guides, bell ringers and coordinators. As soon as parents entered the South Gate, our little "guides" would lead them all the way to the conference zone quickly and accurately. Then, the professional ‘coordinator’ welcomed them at the conference zone to ensure the meeting in good order and coordinated on-site appointments. In addition, there were two “bell ringers” responsible for timing in order to make sure all participants follow the schedule. 

The volunteers were enthusiastic, conscientious and responsible. In this way, they played a significant role in making the conference effective and successful. Parents and teachers extended their great compliments to the student volunteers for their good attitude as well as the hard work. On the other hand, these students were honored to have the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their capabilities. 

In the sunset, the parent-teacher conference came to an end successfully. After the communication with teachers, parents gained a clearer understanding of students' academic performance. Teachers also received valuable feedback from parents. It can be said that the conference has bridged the school and the family, contributing to a new pattern that the school and the family work together to enhance the growth of students, which will lead them to a brighter future.

Text:Lu Wanbing
Photo:Lu Wanbing
Review:Wu Jin, Yang Rui
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
Edit:Administrative Management Center