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Congratulations on the Academic Achievement of THSI Students!

AP Scholar’s with Honors

Yesterday we celebrated the academic achievement of 16 THSI scholars. This group of students received an average score of at least 3 on all AP exams taken and did so on at least 3 AP tests.   

The AP exams are not just a school run exam, but a global test measuring the level of proficiency students in these academic areas of concentration possess. Many Universities will grant students college credit in these courses and move them on to more advanced university course work.This is a huge achievement for our student body as well as they have mastered this difficult and challenging curriculum in English and competing against native speakers. The test scores of these individuals sends a strong message to Universities that our students are ready!

Congratulations is in order for this high level of proficiency in their AP course work.

Math Award-Waterloo Competition

Last year, all students in grades 9 to 11 were given the opportunity to participate in the University of Waterloo’s annual Mathematics competition. The competition is held worldwide and is at a level accessible by all students of that grade level. The results also help us select students for elite level teams in other competitions. 

38% of THSI students achieved distinctions last year for ranking in the top 25% worldwide. Four of them also won medals for achieving the top score in their year level.

Learn Your Balance



SDC had the honor to invite head coach of swimming team of University of Hawaii Elliot and team member Franz who is coming for FINA Swimming World Cup 2018 – Beijing. Franz is not only a excellent athlete, but also obtained a 3.9 GPA, she shared her experience on balance study and training with THSI students. Coach Elliot shared 10 things that require ZERO talent: 
Being on Time
Work Ethic
Body Language
Being Coachable
Doing Extra
Being Prepared

Text: Gary McIlvaine
Photo: Wang Xu
Review: Wu Jin
Edit: Administrative Management Center