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Parents Workshop "Fall Literacy Night" is held in THSI Primary

On the evening of October 18th, THSI Primary was proud to host over 100 parents to attend our Fall Literacy Night.

Dean of THSI Primary Susan Jarnot-Benthem introducing the event

Parents concentrating on the lecture, taking photos of the courseware

During Literacy Night parents and families learnt more about how we teach English language literacy (reading and writing) at THSI, such as the Balanced Literacy approach and the use of literacy centers. Additionally, parents learnt strategies for supporting students’ English language literacy skills at home.

Class teachers explaining strategies in each workshop

Balanced Literacy supports the equal development of skills in reading and writing. The use of literacy centers supports our implementation of Balanced Literacy. Literacy centers allow students to be grouped according to the learning need based on assessment data so that students can learn specific skills. Members are usually regrouped every two to four weeks to ensure that all types of skills can be covered.

Parents listening carefully

Parents and families also had the opportunity to be present at different workshops and learn more about our new online reading program Raz Kids, as well as other strategies to support fluency, phonics, guided reading, and three levels of questions to ask during reading.

Q&A session

The feedback of parents' survey showed that the parents who participated found the Literacy Night very helpful and they recommended that the school should organize the event again next year. We appreciate all of our parents' and families' involvement.

Text : Susan Jarnot-Benthem
Photo: Wang Xu
Review: Wu Jin
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
Edit: Administrative Management Center