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Tsinghua University High School holds “Splendid Youth” Mid-Autumn poetry party

With the bright moon highlighting the sky, drowned in this intoxicating moonlit night, people gathered to appreciate poems. On the evening of September 20th, The 2018 Tsinghua University High School “Splendid Youth” Mid-Autumn Poetry Party was held at the “Time Square” on campus. Principal Wang Dianjun, Party Committee Secretary Fang Yan, Vice Principal Zhao Hongyan, Vice Principal Bai Xuefeng, Deputy Secretary Zhang Jie, directors of various functional departments of the school, parents’ representatives and more than 600 students and teachers celebrated the “Mid-Autumn Cultural Feast”.

Folk music performance of Blooming Flowers and Full Moon

Students hosting the Mid-Autumn Poem Society

Opening poem recital I am a Chinese

The Poetry Party consisted of three chapters, namely “Autumn Thoughts”, “Gaze” and “Youth”, and started with the performance of Blooming Flowers and Full Moon by Jinfan Folk Music Orchestra of Tsinghua University High School. The moving and peaceful melody created a festive and peaceful reunion.

The Tsinghua University High School family gathered together to celebrate the first chapter of the moonlit night “Autumn Thoughts”. Along with the melodious tunes, Principle Wang Dianjun and Chinese teacher Chi Xu brought the opening poem recital - I am a Chinese. “I am a Chinese, I am casting the Chinese spirit. I am a Chinese, I am chasing my Chinese Dream.” They were powerful and eloquent in the song of tribute to the motherland, and the firm and fearless cultural self-confidence of them was branded in the hearts of every teacher and student. The sweet and gentle solo One Glance of A Millennium expressed the gratitude of everyone meeting in Tsinghua University High School .The solo dance Just Watch the Floating Clouds was so light and graceful. With the joint effort of a whole class member, the Chinese and English bilingual poetry recital The Pouring Moonlight paid a tribute to the golden autumn. The solo Parting Sorrow told the deep feeling of homesickness.

Solo dance Just Watch the Floating Clouds

    English bilingual poetry recital The Pouring Moonlight

With the lingering melody, the poetry party entered the second chapter, “Gaze”. During Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese are used to gazing at the moon while creating or reciting poems. The stunning poem recital Book of Songs brought by Xiyuan Poem Society, which was accompanied by the perfomance of an ancient Chinese musical instrument Zheng, presented the picturesque scenery of autumn. The solo folk dance Flowers appeared smart and lively. The cross talk Mid-Autumn Farce crackled with wit and wisdom to every one’s amusement. The Peking Opera The Drunken Concubine promoted the quintessence of Chinese culture and made everyone clap their hands.

The third chapter, “Youth” stared with a song May We All Be Blessed with Longevity brought the audience's thoughts afar. The English and Chinese bilingual poetry recital performed by the teachers from the Foreign language and Sports Party branch To Autumn, depicted the magnificent scenery of the autumn moon night in English language. The folk dance from minority Dai people Zanha was full of vitality. The song Li Bai from the school’s Electroacoustic Band used an original and unique way to eulogize the moon and the youth.

The poem recital of Book of Songs

The cross talk Mid-Autumn Farce

The Peking Opera The Drunken Concubine

    The poem recital To Autumn

Recite the poems of youth, Sing the songs of prosperity. The poetry party reached its climax in The Youth, Wish, and Long Journey performed by the faculty representatives. The impassioned poem conveyed the spirit of reunion in the Mid-Autumn Festival. The young teachers eulogized the new era with youth’s passion and wished the motherland prosperity and strength.

Youth, Wish, and Long Journey

With the clear and bright moon, moonlit autumn night, lingering poems and intoxicating wines, this poetry party was jointly organized by Tsinghua University High School Student Development Center, the Music Teaching and Research Department and the Teaching Staff Group. It not only provided both the teachers and students with a stage to recite the poems and eulogize the new era, but also strengthened the cultural self-confidence of teachers and students while promoting the traditional Chinese culture and socialist core values.

Group photo of the school leaders and acting staff

On the Mid-Autumn Festival and with the National Day approaching, all the teachers and students of Tsinghua University High School wish you all a happy holiday and wish our motherland greater prosperity!

Text: Nie Wenting
Photo: Chen Yuhao, Tai Bei, Zhang Xiaojuan, Zhao Jinyi, Wang Yixue, You Zichuan, Chu Luxing, Cheng Weihang
Translate: Jiang Yuwei
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
Review: Huang Limei
Edit: Administrative Management Center