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81th Autumn Track and Field Games Successfully held in Tsinghua University High School

It was a nice day on September 30, 2018. Tsinghua University High School held its 81th Autumn Track and Field Games at the East Playground of Tsinghua University. Many school leaders along with all the teaching staff and students attended the grand opening ceremony. Special guests were: Liu Bo, the director of Tsinghua University Sports Department, Ma Xindong, the party secretary of the Sports Department, Fang Huaying, the vice party secretary of Qinghuayuan Street, Peng Fangyan, the vice president of Tsinghua Labor Union, and other party leaders from the school. The ceremony was hosted by Zhu Pei, the director of the Teaching Management and Research Center of Tsinghua University High School.

Zhu Pei, the hostess of the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was quite spectacular with hundreds of athletes running in different courses and finally arriving at the stadium center simultaneously. Neat formation and loud slogans showed the unity and confidence of these student athletes. They trusted each other and cooperated well. They showed self-discipline, teamwork, the glamour of youth and among all, they showcased the school motto as “Self-discipline and Social Commitment”.

Athletes parading in the stadium

Wang Dianjun, the principal of Tsinghua University High School delivered a speech at the ceremony. He mentioned that the spirit of sports is scaling new heights, which was a kind of enterprising spirit from inside, a spirit of constantly challenging and surpassing oneself. Tsinghua University High School had always inherited and carried forward the university’s belief that “no sports, no Tsinghua”. He added, the special teaching mode of Ma Yuehan Sports Class was and would always be a good example that showed the success of combing “regular teaching with physical training”, hoping that all the students could march on in their life journey with such sporting spirits and thus lead a more colorful life.

Principal Wang Dianjun delivering the speech

After that, Jian Yirui from Senior 1, Class 14 spoke on behalf of all the athletes that they would obey the rules and value the principle that “Friendship being the first, competition comes the next”. They would also spare no effort to achieve “higher, stronger and faster”. PE teacher Liu Zhijie represented the referees and said they would strictly abide by the rules of the contest and strictly follow the basic principles of openness, impartiality and fairness. Besides, they would respect every contestant. They promised to referee in a serious and civilized manner in order to create a fair-play environment.

Athlete representative

Referee representative

The opening ceremony ended with a performance of rope skipping presented by Tsinghua University High School Fengtai School. Their vigorous show is a proof of students’ well-being. This high school was founded in 2014. As one of the high schools derived from Tsinghua University High School, it also sticks to the spirit of “no sports, no Tsinghua” with the aim to improve students’ physical fitness.

The performance of rope skipping

Photos of exciting moments

In the afternoon, the sports events came to an end with the exciting closing ceremony. Various awards were given to the classes that either performed well in events, or drawing posters or other aspects. Zhang Su, the director of the Teaching Management and Research Center hosted the closing ceremony.

Zhang Su, the hostess of the closing ceremony

The award ceremony

Tsinghua University High School is a school with a profound tradition of physical education. It highlights physical education in cultivating all-rounded talents. This year’s sports meeting is another success in displaying students’ good state, and in the meantime provides a great chance for them to learn teamwork and more.

Text: Gao Hongjuan
Photo: Chu Luxing, Cheng Weihang
Review: Yin Fenyu, Xu Wenbing
Translate: Li Jingping
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
Edit: Administrative Management Center