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Austrian National Tennis Coach and United World Games (UWG) Tennis Coach Robert Maieritsch visited Tsinghua University High School International-Chaoyang

THSI Sports Development Center (SDC) has had the honor to host THSI ITA Consultant, Austrian National Tennis Coach and United World Games (UWG) Tennis Coach Robert Maieritsch this week in our International Tennis Academy program ( ITA ). Robert offered a three-day group instruction session to THSI students from September 19th to 21st.

Group photo of Robert Maieritsch and THSI teachers and students

Coach Maieritsch is currently the National Tennis Coach for the Girls and Boys U12 team of the Austrian Tennis Federation. He also serves as the Head Coach at the GO PRO Tennis Academy in Klagenfurt, Austria. 

Robert in a meeting with THSI teachers

Coach Maieritsch thought, “It was great to be able to come to the SDC and work with the ITA coaches. This is a great group of coaches who are very knowledgeable about tennis and training."

Robert instructing students

Off the court, Coach Maieritsch and the ITA coaches met in the morning to examine the training plans for the ITA program and exchange ideas about training. Immanuel Chen, Athletic Head of the SDC said, “The SDC is always excited to bring world class coaches to our ITA program. It is a fantastic experience for the visiting coaches and certainly an excellent learning opportunity for our students.”

Robert instructing students

On the court, the ITA coaches and Coach Maieritsch utilized small group instruction to  maximize instructional time. ITA players were split into several groups so that each player was able to take advantage of the increased teacher to student ratio by receiving more individual attention. The students would work on specific skills design subject to their ability and age appropriateness.  

Robert instructing students

“I like playing tennis. I can now hit the ball back and forth over the net a lot.” remarked one of the first grade ITA students.   

Robert instructing students

The program has continued to develop and improve since the first day and by bringing coaches of this caliber from around the world will only make us a stronger program.

About Sports Development Center (SDC):
Sports Development Center (SDC) has expanded current offerings for all students to enjoy in the area of sports, including the formation of the International Tennis Academy, and increased opportunities in a wide variety of sports in the extracurricular sports programs. The SDC will emphasize physical activity, fitness and health with a new Physical Education curriculum, providing every student, from Grade 1 to Grade 12, with an experience in strength training, conditioning, dance and tennis. 

Given that perseverance, team work and discipline are important virtues for academics, athletics and life, SDC is working on bringing to our families and students these opportunities that increases student academic achievement through a better balance of academics and athletics.

Text: Wang Bowei
Photo: Wang Xu
Review: Wu Jin
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
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