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The well-known writer Julia Cook visited Tsinghua University High School International-Chaoyang

Full of the balanced mix of Chinese and Western tradition and culture, THSI aims to provide students with world-class international educational opportunities and communication platforms. In addition to offering superior academic and athletic education, the school is committed to helping students achieve social and emotional development.

Julia Cook with students

Julia Cook delivering speech

In order to help students navigate the challenges of modern life, from 21st to 22nd of September, THSI invited Julia Cook, an internationally known author who has been a teacher to communicate with the primary and middle school students. Through observation and communication with teenagers, Julia Cook noted that the strategies and techniques in her books were all backed by research and tested in real life. 

Julia Cook interacting with students

Subject to the special features of different ages, Julia Cook presented the students some games and stories with text and pictures explaining how to deal with bullying, how to develop good study habits, and how to manage time. In the meetings, the students were all attracted by Ms. Cook’s creditable speech and enjoying the relaxed and pleasing atmosphere. Benifiting from multiple teaching languages and mixed culture, not only did students talk with the writer freely, but they were also able to propose their own views. THSI is always committed to inspiring and encouraging all the learners to develop the thirst for knowledge and the ability of problem solving.

Julia Cook’s books

There are many beautiful and imaginative pictures in Julia’s books which reflect questions in real life and readers can find pieces of advice in solving problems. Ms. Cook said, ‘Human relationships are built upon trusts and communication. Parents usually have lots of ideas to cultivate their kids but their time is limited. Given that all of us hope children to be happy, healthy and successful, parenting is supposed to be more efficient, which means parents need professional suggestions, strategies and support.’

Julia Cook with parents

THSI specially invited parents to campus talking with Ms. Cook about common child rearing concerns. In the modern society, parents of bright and bilingual children may find themselves confronting parenting dilemmas that their own parents never considered: how to deal with problematic angst of children, how to establish trust and dialogue between parents and their kids, and how to raise children’s sense of responsibility.In the meeting, parents can take advantage of the guidance from Cook.

Julia Cook introducing her books

THSI has always provided parents and teachers with cutting- edge education information and ideas, which enables students to accept both good academic education and mental construction.

About Julia Cook :
Julia Cook was a teacher and counselor working to help students deal with bullying, learn teamwork and get organized. Meanwhile, she was looking for a way to help kids internalize her suggestions. She began writing books to help students who confronted things like bullying and low self-confidence, and to instruct them to develop good study habits and self-management. Her books became so popular that Cook decided to be a full-time author. Cook is popular among international schools in Beijing and Shanghai. She has written over 50 books for children, and is in demand as a speaker for parents and students in North America.

Text: Ma Dan
Photo: Wang Xu
Review: Wu Jin
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
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