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Tsinghua University High School Students Attain Good Achievements in the “2018 JA China Student Company Competition Beijing Regional Competition”

On June 10th, 2018, the "Junior Achievement China (hereinafter referred to as "JA China") Student Company Competition Beijing Regional Competition" was held in the multi-function hall of China Youth Travel Service Building, in which Zhang Qiyu and Zhang Sushuang from Senior One Class Ten and Wang Yingqi from Senior One Class Eleven in Tsinghua University High School, under the guidance of the teacher Li Ying, set up a company named “TUHS · Impression” and won the third place in the competition.

Representatives of Tsinghua University High School (from left to right are Zhang Sushuang, Wang Yingqi, and Zhang Qiyu)

The “TUHS · Impression” company won praises from the judges, teachers and students for its professional business plan and appealing presentation. In the trade fair session, the cultural creative products from the company were highly appreciated by the students and teachers from other schools, and all the participants exchanged ideas with each other to learn more about the excellent products from other companies.

Students answering questions from the judges during the trade fair session

The “TUHS · Impression” company was set up by the most outstanding student group in the “Student Company” course belonging to the school-based curriculum, the “Financial Management Attainments” series. The company’s main business was selling the campus cultural creative products, including the anthropomorphic plants of TUHS, acrylic pendants of watercolor building series, notebooks of “School Songs and Lights” series and anthropomorphic plant cartoon version metal bookmarks. With exquisite original design and flexible marketing methods, “TUHS · Impression” has achieved outstanding results during the operation of a school year, and is committed to serving the school and contributing to the society. Currently, the company is cooperating with the school library to design school related cultural creative products in order to better serve the teachers and students.

listening to the sharing from the guests

JA China's annual "Student Company Competition" focuses on the results of the "JA Student Company" course project in the past academic year. In this competition, there were 16 student company teams from 8 high schools including the Renmin University High School and Beijing No.4 High School International Department, involving nearly 100 high school students. From July 19th to 21st, the "TUHS · Impression" company will participate with 3 teams from other schools, in the National Finals of the JA Student Company Competition.

The team from Tsinghua University High School winning the award

Text: Li Ying
Photo: Li Ying
Review: Xiang Li
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