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Tsinghua University High School Junior One Outdoor Camping Survival Experience  

From May 25 to 26, 2018, Tsinghua University High School Junior One held a two-day and one-night "Qing Jun Nian Hua Outdoor Camping Survival Experience Camp" at the Flower Port in Shunyi District. The event was organized by Wang Tian, deputy director of the Student Development Center, Zhang Xiaoming, head of the Junior One, and Xiaoma International College. More than 600 students and teachers from Junior One attended the event.

At 7:40 on the morning of May 25, all the teachers and students of Junior One gathered at the school and headed to the camp in the Flower Port of Shunyi District. After arrival, led by the coach and the team leader, the students entered the camp and did warm-up activities. After that, they participated in field survival skills training such as SOS for help and field identification skills.

Warm-up activities

Students participating in field survival skills training

At 16:30, under the command of the camp coach, the students collected their tents, set up camps, and collectively produced military food, giving full play to teamwork and hands-on ability.

Students cooperating with each other putting up tents

Students eating homemade military food

In the evening, the students participated in the starry sky performance activities, experiencing a unique camping night. At the Starry Sky Party, Wang Tian, the deputy director of the Student Development Center, and Zhang Xiaoming, the leader of Junior One, also prepared a birthday cake for the students whose birthdays were during the camping and sent them birthday greetings to let them feel the warmth and care of the family.

Shows under the starry sky

Birthday party

On the morning of May 26, the students packed up their tents and gathered under the command of the coach. After breakfast, they experienced the special activities of the campsite: making bookmarks using dried flowers and making pen vases. This not only exerted the imagination of the students, but also fully enhanced the students' hands-on ability.

Students packing up tents in the morning light

Students making bookmarks using dried flowers

Students' hand-made pen vase

At 11 o'clock in the morning, at the ceremony, classes took turns to perform SOS shows. After the performance, the camp coach selected the group awards, and the teachers in charge of the class awarded the award-winning classes. Finally, Zhang Xiaoming, the leader of Junior One, announced the successful conclusion of the camp.

Group photo of the award-winning classes at the ceremony

This camping event was a unique large-scale team outdoor event. The activity was designed to allow students to experience and discover the beauty of camping together with teachers and classmates. At the same time, it brought some fresh and interesting activities to students, and integrated into educational methods such as regiment management, role playing, gamification learning, and coaching techniques. It enabled students to learn the living and survival skills as well as the spirit of teamwork and reciprocal help, and gain the happiness of the development of comprehensive quality.

Text: Zhang Jieqiong
Photo: Zhang Jieqiong
Review: Zhang Xiaoming
Translate: Yang Yilin
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
Edit: Administrative Management Center