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Tsinghua University High School Astronomical Society participated in the Ninth National Astronomical Society Development Forum

The Ninth National Astronomical Society Development Forum was held from August 9th to August 14th, 2018 at Shandong University Weihai Branch (hereinafter referred to as Shanwei). In order to share the experience of the astronomical associations of our school with other astronomical associations in China and draw on the advanced concept of other associations, Tsinghua University High School Astronomical Society sent a delegation of five people to participate in the forum.

Group photo, Tsinghua University High School is at the far right of the first row

Opening Ceremony

At 9:10 am on August 10th, the opening ceremony officially began. First of all, Vice President Wang Shouyu from the School of Space Science and Physics of Shandong University Weihai Branch delivered a speech, pointing out the significance of the forum for various astronomical associations and welcoming the arrival of various associations on behalf of the school. Subsequently, the new president of Shanwei Astronomical Association Lu Xuejin introduced the Weihai Astronomical Association of Shandong University and wished the forum a complete success.

Vice President Wang Shouyu's speech

Astronomical Lecture

At 2:30 p.m., the astronomical lecture officially began. The lecture The New Perspectives of Two “Dark” and One “Wave”- the Exploration of the Unknown Universe was delivered by Professor Su Yi from Nankai University, who is the author of A New Introduction to Astronomy. During the reporting process, Professor Su Yi introduced the research progress of dark matter, dark energy and gravitational wave, explaining profound theories in simple language. Although originally planned as a two-hour lecture, it was actually extended to be three hours long under the unanimous request of students.

Professor Suyi’s lecture

Exchanging badges at the welcome dinner

From 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., Shanwei Astronomical Association prepared a hearty welcome dinner at Changwei Hotel. After the dinner, Tsinghua University High School Astronomical Society had a warm discussion with the astronomical associations from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Central China Normal University and then exchanged their badges.

On August 11th, in the sixth sub-session, Long Yichen and Jia Yucheng had a heated discussion on “the establishment and management of clubs” with representatives from Shandong University and Hebei Normal University. There were three topics:
1. How to get support from the school
Tsinghua University High School always supported the development of student communities, so there were few barriers in forging a community  

2. Fundraising and how to maximize the funds
To solve the problem of fund shortage, the representatives of Tsinghua University High School put forward their suggestions: first, to win the prize for the top ten societies; second, to sell the souvenirs of the community. In the case of limited funds, the existing equipment can be used to conduct small science activities such as roadside astronomy to improve the popularity and influence of the community.

3. Coordination of club activities with school’s authorization
Many colleges and universities were concerned about the safety of their students and limited their observation activities to different degrees. In this regard, students of Tsinghua University High School gave their own suggestions: they could find teachers to go with the team and reimburse their activity expenses; it is better to go to a reliable and widely chosen stargazing site to ensure the safety of activities.


On August 11th, there was a partial eclipse in the evening. Students took pictures of the beautiful sky on the beach.

Partial eclipse (Photo by Wang Weikuan)

Group photo in the sunset
(from left to right: Zhao Jinghao, Wang Xunbo, Long Yichen, Jia Yucheng, Wang Weikuan)

Community Sharing Session

In the evening of community sharing session, the new president of Tsinghua University High School Astronomical Society Long Yichen briefly introduced the history, status quo and future prospects of the Society, and explained in detail the featured activity - Tsinghua Astronomical Night. Long’s speech received warm applause.

Community Sharing Session

From August 12th to 13th, all of the participants spent two nights in Chengshantou and luckily  observed the Perseus meteor shower. Everyone excitedly counted the small celestial bodies across the night sky and made the best wishes in heart.

Chengshantou Starry Sky (Photo by Long Yichen)

Members from Tsinghua University High School Astronomical Society also visited the Weihai beach and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the coastline.

Coastline of Weihai

The National Astronomical Society Development Forum not only enhanced the understanding and trust between the members of Tsinghua University High School Astronomical Society, but also allowed the members to broaden their horizons and draw on successful experience of other astronomical societies, pointing out the direction for further development.


Source: Long Yichen
Review: Tan Hongzheng
Translate: Yang Yilin
Proofread: Cheng Weihang
Edit: Administrative Management Center