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Senior High Girls From Tsinghua High School Participating in The MakeWhatsNext Activity Held by Microsoft And LinkedIn

On March 8th, 2018, Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and the LinkedIn Office jointly organized the MakeWhatsNext activity. A team of 23 girls in Senior One and Two from Tsinghua High School participated, led by Shi Pingping, the High & New Technology Research Laboratory instructor.

During the activity, the students attentively listened to the female elites from Microsoft and LinkedIn about their career experience including their roles and development in the STEM field. They also learned to operate some unusual Office's tools and data visualization tools such as power BI, free-form information acquisition and the multi-user collaboration tool OneNote; they visited and experienced high-tech products including the AI Microsoft Xiaobing, Hololens, Surface Studio, Real-time Traffic App, and Microsoft Translator, etc. ; they also took part in four separate interactive salons for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics hosted by the representatives from technology companies and enterprises, in which they completed and demonstrated the group's challenging tasks.

On behalf of the scientific group, Sun Manru along with other students introduced examples and principles of the application of photoelectric conversion in real life.

Liu Sijia and Zhu Yingshan representing the technical group introduced the use of scientific and technological means to design programs for the elderly community, making science and technology a bridge to connect the elderly and the modern society to alleviate the problem of aging society, which reflected the social impact of science and technology.

Wu You and other representatives from engineering team elaborated on the production of the Parthenon model in terms of four aspects, namely the base, the pillar wall, the roof, and the decoration.

Sun Yining, on behalf of the mathematics group, analyzed the “returned overseas talents” from the aspects of quantity, education and occupation, and finally reached a conclusion.

Through this activity, students had a more profound understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and felt the power and infinite possibilities of science and technology. May they use science and technology to light up their dreams and meet an infinitely wonderful future!

By jointly organizing the Make WhatsNext activity, Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and LinkedIn China hoped to, through sharing experience, exchanging ideas, experiencing technology and training skills, help girls with dreams enter the world of science and technology; inspire their potential, and let them meet their infinitely wonderful future. The message that MakeWhatsNext wanted to send to young girls was that perseverance is the key to success.

From: Science and Technology Office
Picture and script: Shi Pingping
Censor: Qiu Nan 
Editor: Administrative Department