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Tsinghua High School Students Attended the 2018 Peking University National Model United Nations Conference

From March 22 to 25, 2018, Peking University National Model United Nations Conference for High Schoolstudents was held at Ying Jie Exchange Center of Peking University. Yang Yuzhe from Senior High Grade One Class 13, and Pan Ruizhe from Senior High Grade One Class 11 attended with Xing Yanru and Gao Shan as the leading teachers.


At the United Nations disarmament and international security council, Pan Ruizhe, was the representative of Greece. Yang Yuzhe was an on-site reporter of the Reuters for the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization. The two meeting topics are "reform of the United Nations sanctions against terrorism" and "establishment of order in the area of citizen journalism". During the meeting, the two representatives actively performed their duties in accordance with their respective positions and played a positive role in promoting the process of the conference. In the end, the two representatives obtained the best representative and the outstanding representative for their outstanding academic level and intelligence. This has been the best achievement for Tsinghua High School in the past three years.

Peking University National Model United Nations for High School students is one of the most influential, academic model conferences nationwide. The theme of the conference in 2018 is "one hundred years back: equality and good governance". Students of Tsinghua High School reviewed the history and put forward new insights with other representatives. Besides, they deepened friendship, broadened the horizons and improved comprehensive quality. The conference can not only help students to develop good thinking and global vision, but also cultivate the sense of responsibility, and shape talents of leadership.

Source: Student Development Center
Text: Yang Yuzhe Xing Yanru
Picture: Li Siyuan       
Reviewer: Ren Xingyang    
Editor: Administrative Department