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The 3rd Tsinghua Elementary Education Forum and "Internet + Education" High Quality Teaching Demonstration Exchange Activity Ended Successfully

On the morning of April 14, 2018, the 3rd Tsinghua Elementary Education Forum and "Internet + Education" High Quality Teaching Demonstration Exchange Activity ended successfully. The activity was sponsored by the Education Research Institute of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua High School, undertook by China's Next Generation Education Foundation China Talent Training Fund. More than 500 principals and teachers from all over the country were involved in the event, listening to a number of education lectures. They entered classroom, inspected and learned from excellent lessons.

The event consisted of three parts: expert lectures, theme reports, and classroom presentations. It offered a platform for teachers to discuss with outstanding colleagues and study how to use a variety of teaching methods more in-depth and flexibly to improve classroom teaching effectiveness. Core qualities of students and the effective use of Internet technology were emphasised.



On the morning of April 12th, the opening ceremony of the event was held at the Auditorium at the High School Affiliated to Tsinghua University, presided over by the Party Secretary of Tsinghua High School Fang Yan. Professor of the Institute of Education, Tsinghua University Xie Weihe, Director of the Education Equipment Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Education Cao Zhixiang, Hailiang Education Group President Ye Cuiwei, Tsinghua High School Principal Wang Dianjun, Standing Committee Secretary of Yanchuan County, Shaanxi Province Wang Jun, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Experimental High School Principal Zhang Pingfu, Head of Qiyi Middle School, Shifang City, Sichuan Province Lai Xuyun, as well as Tsinghua High School Leadership Team, and Tsinghua University Secondary School Principals and many other guests attended the event.


After the opening ceremony, Xie Weihe, professor of the Institute of Education at Tsinghua University, gave a wonderful lecture titled “Practical Significance of Core Literacy.” He first proposed the concept of core accomplishment and introduced the theme with the extensive response and echoing that core literacy produced after the presentation, sharing the relationship between core literacy and education, and how to cultivate students' core qualities, which have aroused the extensive thinking of the present teachers. Professor Xie believes that one of the most important points of practice in core literacy and the requirements for school reform and teaching reforms is to guide us to focus on and study students, because self-knowledge and self-cultivation are the fundamental values of education.

Cao Zhixiang, director of the Education Equipment Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Education, gave a lecture on "Some Thoughts on Internet + Education" and pointed out that the core of "Internet + Education" is education, and Internet-assisted education and teaching management has promoted education very well. He said that the Internet has enabled the spread of knowledge and culture to be faster, wider, more convenient, and more rich in content. It has, to a certain extent, changed the form of education and at the same time integrated modern informatization, digitization, intelligence, and education. The Internet is the path and means to help realize educational value, but we should pay more attention to the essence of education.

On the afternoon of the 12th, Associate Professor Guo Wenge of the School of Education at Peking University conducted a lecture on "The Pivot of Digitized Reading and Inciting Education Informatization." Based on real examples, he guided teachers to rethink the definition of education. She stated that we have entered the era of digital reading based on the digitization of reading materials, teaching methods, knowledge expression and teaching interaction. With the development of information technology, education has been constantly changing. Finally, Prof. Guo showed the related explorations and researches of the digital laboratory of Peking University and shared the methods, achievements, and significances of various existing informatization courses.

On the morning of the 13th, Xu Wenbing, Vice Principal of Tsinghua High School, presided over the meeting. First of all, Ye Cuiwei, head of the Hailiang Education Group, gave a lecture on “Agricultural education in the modern discourse”. He shared with the participating teachers the Hailiang Group’s “Excellent Action”, “Xianghu Public School” and other actions. They use the principle of “all people are talented” as the core concept, using tasks to integrate the school's overall work, creating better learning conditions for students, and providing all-round training for students. The concept is to form their own teaching, run a high-level school, and let students sense thick humanistic atmosphere, and let thinking fly out of the campus.


Afterwards, Wang Dianjun, principal of Tsinghua High School, shared his ideas with the participating teachers: core literacy, comprehensive evaluation system, and STEM curriculum. Principal Wang pointed out that although the Internet has been developing rapidly, reforms always lag behind. How to cultivate and evaluate the core literacy target system is the core and the key. The way of teaching and learning is changing. The most important thing for learning is to enhance the overall ability and quality through the learning process; the dynamic quantification function of the comprehensive evaluation system can better play the role of guiding development and evaluation selection; Exploration and research for the STEM curriculum system of Tsinghua High School also provide more choices for the comprehensive training of students.

After the lecture, President Wang Dianjun and Principal Ye Cuiwei interacted with the participating teachers on the spot to interact and communicate. During the event, Wang Tian, deputy director of the Tsinghua High School Student Development Center, Xiang Yonghong, senior teacher of the Mathematics Group, Tan Chen, director of the Teaching and Research Department, and Zhang Jiayu made presentations. Their topics respectively were “explorations of student activities in the context of the Internet”, “Taking the Sketchpad Course as an Example to Discuss the Development of Online School-based Curriculum”, “Teaching Reform in the Internet Background”, and “Application of Air School of Tsinghua High School”. They shared the organization and development of student activities at the secondary school of Tsinghua High School, the innovative design and management of classroom teaching, and the exploration and thinking of teaching and research activities, as well as how to use Tsinghua High School Air School and Chengzhi Middle School Student Comprehensive Quality Evaluation System. They shared how to use these devices to achieve efficient management of student activities, training and teaching, how to achieve diversified evaluation of students, how to improve management efficiency, and how to record complete teaching process and evaluation files.


On April 12-13, 32 teachers from Tsinghua High School attended the excellent courses in language, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, politics, fine arts, music, sports, and STEM courses in an interdisciplinary thematic teaching, which were excellent and colorful. The instruction of the commenting experts after class was profound and unique. The participants could also interact online through the Air School while attending classes, and discuss and research the topics after class.

On the morning of the 14th, after the theme report was finished, the participating teachers, led by teachers from Tsinghua High School, went to Tsinghua University and visited the school history museum. Under the commentator's explanation, the teachers had a deeper understanding of the development history, school profile and teaching philosophy of the 100-year Tsinghua University.


The "Internet + Education" high-quality classroom teaching demonstration and exchange activities shared the exploration and thinking of the Tsinghua High School in education and teaching from the aspects of theoretical guidance and classroom practice, demonstrating the integration and innovation of Internet technology and education. The participating teachers listened to teacher lectures, watched high-quality classes, and discussed with the Tsinghua High School Teachers. They learned from each other and exchanged ideas. They benefited a lot.



Text: Ji Cheng
Photo: Chu Luxing 
Source: Teaching Management and Research Center
Editor: Administration Center