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Strategy Expert Report about the Belt and Road was held by the Party Committee in Tsinghua University High School


On the afternoon of April 20th, the Party Committee of Tsinghua University High School held a report on current affairs policies. Professor He Maochun, a counselor from the State Council, the doctoral supervisor of the International Relations Department in Tsinghua University's School of Social Sciences, and the director of the economic diplomacy research center, was invited to give a speech on the"New International & Domestic Situation and the Belt & Road Whole-course Inspection Report". Fang Yan, the Party Committee Secretary of Tsinghua University High School, along with the entire faculty in the school and the Shangdi Branch School, and some students from the Senior One and Senior Two Classes in Tsinghua University High School, listened to the report, with a total audience of over 600. The main venue of the seminar was located in Conference Room B106, and a parallel session was set up in Room B208 for a live broadcast due to the large audience. The seminar was presided over by Zhang Jie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.




Professor He Maochun first introduced the two trends of globalization and China's rise through the basic method of situational study, and emphatically introduced the background, historical development, main task, achievement, vision planning, and great significance of the "B & R" national strategy. During the introduction, Professor He talked about his own experience of leading the research group to complete a whole-course study on the six economic corridors of "B & R", the course of Zhang Qian's mission to the western region of China, Zheng He's voyage to the west, Xuan Zang's pilgrimage, Marco Polo's travels east and his return, and the experience Genghis Khan's expedition to the west. Warm applause and deep admiration were granted from all the teachers and students for his business career, his personal experience of being rescued from desperation, his courage and boldness of stepping into danger, his vision and world-traveler mindset, in addition to his talent, realm of study, and self-conduct.



Edited by Jin Yun

Approved by Zhang Jie